The Importance Of Privacy In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… Wakefield, states, that an American Management Association 2001 report indicates, “82 percent of responding managers use some type of electronic monitoring in the workplace. As many as 14 million employees in the US (one-third of all employees) are under surveillance in the workplace” (Wakefield, 2004 p.2). Surveillance in the workplace is considered an intrusion of privacy to some workers. Surveillance, such as telephone monitoring, and video cameras, are some times necessary, to ensure employee safety and protection of business assets. Telephone monitoring is used to help ensure quality service with company representatives. The law is the company has to notify the employee, and person or persons on the phone line, that the conversation is being monitored, or recorded, to be legal. Additionally, company’s keep phone records to ensure employees are not abusing company funds, with to many personal calls, or personal international calls. As long as a company policy exists, this will ensure the employee knows the rules, and will protect the …show more content…
Technology is ever-changing everyday, and will allow business, to better monitor employees, and allow employees to do their jobs much easier, and rapidly. Laws need to change as technology does. When a person is hired at a company, the person loses any right to privacy at work; the company needs to protect themselves, follow laws, and protect the employee. Some of these practices are controversial, but also necessary. Employers need and have the right to monitor their employees to avoid legal liability, as a result of harassing of offensive communications, security concerns relating to intentional or accidental release of sensitive data, and for safety concerns for there employees and business assets. As long as a company has an extensive, clear cut, and thorough privacy policy, and rules and regulations, this will allow the employee to understand what the rules are and what is not expectable, also how and why the employee will be monitored. Then a company can avoid many of the problems that could occur. The employees will be able to accept the policies, and as long as they do, then there should be no misunderstandings. Additionally, employees need to report any abuses of these policies, so that business and law makers can help protect

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