Reflection Paper: My Primary Identity Group

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I am especially interested in learning about the African American community and the exclusive experiences that they may have because of their group membership, and the further discrimination that they may experience because of their intersecting identities.

My Primary Identity Group and Reasons for My Choice
The primary essential identity group that I will be doing my Peer Interview on will be a racial group. I would like to further explore the experiences of Black Americans. I have selected this group for my primary identity group because of the extremely different views and experiences in life that the members of this group may have from myself. Members of this group’s ancestors have faced some of the worst outright discrimination, racism
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I have previously spoken with her about being able to interview her for this paper. She has told me that she will be comfortable with the interviewing process and with me asking intimate questions about her life experiences. I plan to drive back to my hometown for the interviews so that it can be conducted one on one rather than over the internet. I am doing this so that nothing is lost in translation and I am able to assess her body language during the duration of the interview. I intended to also write about her nonverbal communication for my paper as well. I would also like to interview a male that fits into my primary identity group. I would like to do this so I can compare and contrast the differences in life experiences, expectations and outlooks people of the same racial group, but different sex have. If for some reason the people that I originally want to interview are busy or unable to conduct or finish the interview. I have other connections to people that are within my primary identity group that would are willing to let me interview them for the purpose of this

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