The Importance Of Pride In Pride And Prejudice

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Pride is a trait that humans may have at one point or another in their life. This trait can either be positive or negative, but is usually negative like in the novel Pride and Prejudice. This pride can be seen in the two main characters. Throughout the novel Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet exhibit instances of pride, which progresses into love that highlights the true meaning of the novel. Darcy displays his pridefulness throughout the novel in many instances. Darcy knows that he is young, handsome, and rich and acts accordingly(Austen 390). When he arrogantly refuses to dance at the Nether-field ball and knocks Elizabeth Bennet as being only "tolerable" (Austen 10), Darcy acquires the reputation in Hertfordshire …show more content…
Once Elizabeth considers the accusations that Darcy made against Mr. Wickham in Darcy 's letter, that he squandered the one thousand pounds that Darcy 's father gave him in his legacy (Austen 207) and tried to elope with Darcy 's younger sister, Lydia (Austen 325), she finds evidence within her own memory that defends Darcy (Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature). Therefore, she can change her previous prejudice against him. Elizabeth says, " 'How despicably have I acted! ' she cried. 'I, who have prided myself on my discernment! '" (Austen 215). Here, Elizabeth realizes that her pride was misplaced and if she can believe that Wickham is capable of duplicity, then she must believe that Darcy is capable of sincerity (Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature). Soon, Darcy realizes that his own societal pride in himself was misplaced. When Elizabeth invites Darcy into the Gardiners home, Darcy insists on meeting her aunt and uncle, people that he believed were inferior to him because of social status and offended his pride (Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature). Darcy wanting to meet members of Elizabeth 's family displays the fact that he is willing to put aside his pride for the greater

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