The Importance Of Preparing For A Successful Interview

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Getting a job can be a life changer, but in order to be hired an interview must be conducted first. No matter how many times a person has been to a job interview it can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be. What a person does before and during an interview can make all the difference. Some steps a person can take to prepare for a successful interview is to be prepared for the interview, dress for success, make a good impression, ask questions, sell yourself, and close the deal. First make sure that the job you applied for has selected you for an interview; also confirm a date and time so for the interview. According to Joyce lack of preparation is an opportunity crusher. So in the meantime do some research on the company before the interview such as who is your employer, the job requirements, and who you will be working with. “The more research you conduct, the more you’ll understand the employer, and the better you’ll be able to answer interview questions” (Hansen). Next review some common interview questions, pick a few, and then write a response for them. Learning about and responding to common interview questions can help improve your responses. The next step is to dress for success. This is a very important step because the way you are dress can impact the interviewers impression of you. Pick out an …show more content…
This is a trick question and the answer to it is yes. The reason they do this is to see how much thought and effort went into applying for the position. You’ll want to come up with a list of smart, specific questions. For example, you could ask, “In six months, what would success look like for this position?”, but not “What are you looking for in a candidate?”(Schirtzinger). Not only are they evaluating how you respond to the question, but also the way you handle a conversation, and the way you

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