The Importance Of Prayer In Public Schools

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Register to read the introduction… This attempt to change school curriculum also failed in the courts due to it not being a separation of church and state (Boston). The last example actually rules in favor of a religious activity where a group of students asked if they could use a class room to hold a prayer group during lunch. This passed in the court because it was the students asking, it wasn’t taking place during normal class time and it was voluntary whether a student went or not (Mead, Green, Oluwule). The following essay will strive to give facts from both sides including different court verdicts and it will also show how the courts have upheld the First-Amendment and freedom of religion rights. Religion should not be allowed in public schools for the simple fact that America has had so many court cases in …show more content…
The second case, also discussed briefly in the before mentioned paragraph deals with prayer in schools but doesn’t talk about ceremonial prayer. Graduation ceremonies often include prayer by a student, faculty, and deans or in some cases outside clergy whom were brought in by the school (Boston). Should prayers be allowed at these ceremonies? In 1992 the Supreme Court had to consider this question, in the case of Lee vs. Weismann (1992), when students complained about the prayer which was to take place at their graduation, the school defended its decision by telling students their attendance was optional even though they were still expected to attend their own graduation. The court rejected this argument stating that it was an exercise of formalism and characterized it as one that exacted too high a price for dissent. They also cited that prayer at a graduation was only one view of civic religion. However in the case of a valedictorian to include a prayer in his speech was deemed excusable because it was a student’s speech and he wasn’t an employee of the school (state) (Mead, Green, Oluwule). The third and toughest case, due to its historical and patriotic nature and the reference to god in its orientation are cases involving the Pledge of Allegiance. One such case took place in California where a teacher attempted to the use of the Pledge of Allegiance to push his view of religion to his students. He asked his students what significance Gods role was in the pledge and what his importance was. When parents complained to the school board that he should be teaching not preaching, he decided to take it to court. Backed by the A.D.F. (Alliance Defense Fund), their goal wasn’t to win but to give public schools a bad rap concerning religion and the

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