Essay on The Importance Of Power Over The Minorities

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Power over the minorities

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”Throughout my semester at SIU i have encountered many things both positive and negative, but something that I will always remember from my experience here is mainly the racists actions that have taken place on and off campus. A few weeks ago i was walking to my Zoology class and as i was walking i noticed an abundant amount of things written on the bridge and various buildings. There were things written like “Trump2016“and”SIU loves Trump” thinking that it was just college students being obnoxious and playing around I ignored what was written. It wasn 't until I got further down the bridge that it was clear that this wasn 't a joke. “Mexicans build that wall” was written in bright pink chalk all across the lower half of the bridge. As soon as minority students seen what was written may tried to wipe the offensive words away. One girl filled her water bottle with water from the fountain and poured it onto the concrete. She then was yelled at by a white student who said she was being rude and was causing a “scene” because she didn 't agree with his political views. She told the young man that she didn 't care because those words were offensive and uncalled for. Later that day a young lady by the name of Leilani Bartlett was in her dormitory when a white fraternity was having an open discussion which is completely fine except you…

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