The Importance Of Power And Politics

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Register to read the introduction… The capability to influence others depends on how much the person needs the resources are dependent on leader: for example, the power to promote someone or the possession of scarce resources. If there are alternative sources to resources available, the dependency on the original holder will be greatly reduce so are the power over the beneficiary (Kakabadse & Kakabadse, 1999). To effectively apply power one has to use power appropriately according to the needs of the situation, and taking into account the feelings of other so that grudges will not develop.

Power and Politics
Power and politics work hand in hand because with power, like the authority, to allocate scarce resources, you gain power. In this way, you consolidate power by bringing others who require power to your side.

Cameron (1994) stated that empowerment is simply gaining the power to make your voice heard, to contribute to plans and decisions that affect you, to use your expertise at the work to improve your performance – and with it the performance of your whole organisation. Hence, it is believed that empowerment enables people to release the knowledge, experience, and motivation that are in them (Blanchard,
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This strong feature allows leaders to be effective as it is based on trust (Hooper & Potter, 2000). That is why Mr Bethune, the Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines, has always told the truth to his employees (Bethune & Huler, 1998). He believed that when times are bad, it is the employees who will save the organisation. Therefore, giving others the ability to do what they think is right will help to save the situation, especially when these are the people who have a clearer understanding of what was actually happening (Cameron, 1994). However, there are barriers to empowerment which is why not many leaders are successful.

Maxwell (1998) stated three barriers to empowerment:

Desire for job security

Some leaders feel that imparting their skills to the employees may cause to be out of job once they have learned the necessary skills. However, this was not always the case. A successful leader is able to empower others and assist them in their development so that one day they will be able to take over the job from their leader. This will not only make the leader more valuable but also indispensable to the organisation

Resistance to change

As mentioned earlier, empowerment encourages innovation and creativity. Therefore, empowerment will lead to constant change within the organisation, but not all leaders are able to accept change especially when these leaders are staying within

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