The Importance Of Poverty In France

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France is often considered to be a prosperous country in many aspects, especially in terms of wealth. In fact, as of 2016, France was ranked as one of the top wealthiest countries in the world. Although France has been viewed as a wealthy country, there is inequality in the distribution of wealth amongst its people. As a result, this often causes a sense of alienation and differentiation between people of different economic standing. This segregation and Othering between the wealthy and the poor has been very prominent in recent years.
France holds a substantial amount of the global wealth. It is the sixth most wealthiest country in the world (Shilton, Siobhán). This is partly because the capital of France, Paris, is home to some of the
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The way this civilian answered just goes to show how the rich and the poor are depicted. The way the rich and wealthy dehumanize those in a different economic standing, so much down to making a dog better than a person who is living in poverty, creates a harsh reality. Othering in this regard, makes people living in poverty feel a sense of inferiority. The feeling of “them” and “us” is created by both the rich and the poor as the rich gain a sense of power over those who have to beg for money. The lugubrious part of it all, is that many of those who were born in poverty, tend to stay there. Family origins are one of the most important factors in determining social status and wealth, especially for the upper and lower classes. Economists have observed that there is still a significant amount of social mobility in the middle class, but at the two ends of the spectrum, the very poor and the very wealthy, there 's less mobility (Anderson, Gordon L). The way the wealth is distributed in France, makes it seem almost impossible to escape …show more content…
In the essay “Lifeboat ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor,” the author, Garrett Hardin, talks about his views about the rich and poor and why the poor stay poor. In his essay, he states the following: “The harsh ethics of the lifeboat become even harsher when we consider the reproductive differences between the rich nations and the poor nations...And since the world 's resources are dwindling, the difference in prosperity between the rich and the poor can only

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