The Importance Of Positive Relationships With Parents Essay

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The key factors that need to be considered to enable positive relationships with parents include most all of the guiding principles that Dr. Townsend listed in Lecture 4.1. They are as follows:

1. Family members are equal partners in a child’s education.

2. The home environment is the primary educational environment.

3. Schools must respect the diversity of families and their (diverse) needs.

4. All families care about kids.

5. Family involvement is important throughout a child’s whole educational career.

And # 8: One size does not fit all.

I can’t help but think, during the course of all of these lectures, that while I agree with 80% of what Dr. Townsend is saying and the premises sound good, the conclusions are faulty and unsupported. The final conclusion in the statements made by Dr. Townsend is that the school (or States’ parties, as listed in Articles 28 and 29 UNCRC) is the ultimate authority on what teaching, schooling, and even parenting should look like and be. So the problem here is that there really isn’t a “buy-in” by schools and teachers to the principles listed above. The statements made in the lectures are that the states’ parties are still the most important and most knowledgeable influence. For example, repeatedly in Lecture 4.1, Dr. Townsend states that the school should help parents with their parenting skills, which implies that schools have the skills to parent and parents do not. In Lecture 4.2 (and again in the quiz), Dr.…

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