Reflective Essay: High School Essays Versus College

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Coming into West Liberty University as a freshman, my schedule was setup for me by the school. After viewing my schedule, I found that I was placed in English 101 with Professor Larance to fulfill one of my general education requirements. This did not worry me at first ,because all the way through high school I excelled at English and writing papers. This remained true during the beginning of the semester when I continually received proficient grades on our assigned essays. Unfortunately on last two papers, I have not scored as high as I had hoped. So now I feel as though I 'm in rut and want to do well on this last portfolio assignment. The class assignments began with our first timed essay in which we had one class to construct an essay on a topic from a given list. I decided to choose the topic on High School Essays versus College Essays since we had just discussed this topic in class during that week. The topic seemed safe ,but since I was already nervous for the assignment, a safe topic seemed like the best decision. This worried me at first due to the fact that I do not perform as well when under the stress of a strict time limit. On the contrary, I did surprisingly well, receiving an "A" …show more content…
This entailed more time to sort my ideas and to correct my spelling and grammatical errors. The assignment was to take a book, tv show, or movie you enjoyed and create a movie review about it. The catch about the assignment was that you could not just sum up the movie, you had to tell what you tought about the movie by just referencing certain scenes and form a strong thesis. Since, I had recently watched the movie The Fault In Our Stars, I figured that a movie fresh in my mind would be the best choice for the assignment. After writing and correcting the paper, I received my grade back to which i got a lower grade than my timed essay. This was a huge shock since I believed that i did better work when given more

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