Marine Life: The Growth Of Pollution

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It should be in everyones best interest to minimise the world’s marine pollution, the vast growth of pollution in our ocean is affecting marine life such as coral reefs and sea animals. With pollution on the rise it is declining our marine future, which can be a worry for the worlds oxygen with a large percentage of the planet’s oxygen coming from marine plants. Marine life stability is one of the most important issues this century. We are constantly having large numbers of sea animals dying from various versions of pollution and it needs to be stopped now. If marine life is not looked after properly it could affect humans horrifically in many different ways. Currently there is massive rubbish build up floating throughout many areas of the …show more content…
10% doesn't sound like a great quantity, however it adds up to an immense amount pushing up to 8 million tonnes of rubbish each year dumped in the ocean. These ridiculous statistics are not acceptable and something needs to be done about it, not only for the sea creatures and coral reefs, but for humanity and other land based animals. We cannot live on a planet that has lost 70% of its oxygen because of careless generations of human life not thinking of future era’s health. This is a prime example of people being the biggest threat to this planet. We are selfish and need to stop the nonsense and start taking the ecosystems more seriously. Rubbish is being dumped in tonnes like its nothing because it supposedly ‘doesn’t affect’ our ecosystem now that it’s in the ocean when science clearly shows it affects us immensely. The graph on the right shows percentages of what kinds of rubbish you are more likely to find on the beach compared to others.

I strongly believe as a global community, we need to come together and create a plastic tax in which the money purely goes towards cleaning up the oceans. Plastic manufacturing companies should be made by law to donate 5% of profits to an ocean clean up company of their choice, to put more money into their business as it is helping to sustain our

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