The Importance Of Politics And Economic Development In China

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Register to read the introduction… The Chinese politics has been instrumental in fueling the economic development of this country. The political system has limited the western culture an aspect that has direct influence on the country’s economy. The political system restricts the democratic space for her citizens. Arguably, this restriction has been beneficial to the country because many people tend to strive towards building their lives. Additionally, a number of political changes such as accommodation of the capitalistic view have led to more than surplus production. Instead, the country’s political system is in support of commercial …show more content…
Any recommendations you would make for creating greater international business success between the target country and the United States.
Chinese international policy seems to be instrumental in influencing its economic agenda in the international scene. Arguably, by developing accommodative structures the country would be better place. I recommend that the country should develop tenable structures that will advance its international agenda. The corporation in the international scale defines the market of the finished goods and the source of raw materials for the industries. China can use its natural endowment to expand its economic base owing to the fact that the country cheap labor which is a vital resource in industrial development.
On the other hand, United States can borrow from Chinese industrial policies in building or opening new grounds for the investors. The costs associated with production often dictate the choice of production location. In the past two decades, many investors have sought to invest in China because of the business environment. Similarly, United States may choose to borrow this idea or create policies that will encourage investors to invest in the United States. United States should also consider its tax policy if it intends to influence investors. Finally, both countries should enhance their international investment by developing products suitable for the economic conditions of the targeted

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