The Importance Of Politeness And Its Effects On The Society Essay

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“Living in China an honor & privilege” was a topic published very recently by Global Times about how to adapt to loving in another country (Cormack, 2016). It talked about a few things the writer learned living in China. Recognizing that Chinese people are more into showing off while British are more introverted; Chinese have guests-oriented household rules while British prefer property ownership. They can consider each other impolite when one shows off and one implies rules on guests. According to Chiappini and Kádár (2011), since the 1970s, linguistics politeness has been an interesting field to many scholars; and that, politeness research is an independent field in communication studies. Politeness is a very crucial part of our daily communication; it may even be the most important part in human interactions. When we were little kids, parents already started telling us to be polite to our family, teachers, nanny, basically people around us. Politeness is one of the preferred behaviors in the society. However, it can differ across cultures. Chiappini and Kádár (2011) suugested that “politeness is a common behavioral heritage of humanity, it is culturally as diverse as the human race. Politeness has been described as a cultural-specific phenomenon.” Just by searching on the dictionary, politeness can mean showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, and more importantly refined and cultivated ( Brown and Levinson’s Politeness Model has been…

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