The Importance Of Playing Sports

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Register to read the introduction… Physical fitness of playing sports tremendously combats childhood obesity, which has risen to epidemic proportions in America (Metzl Stookhoff 4). According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, thirty percent of children in the United States are obese. This percent has almost tripled since 1980 (Organized Sports for Children and Preadolescents 5). Due to new technology and other distractions, children are clearly not getting the amount of exercise they need. If they would simply join a recreational sport, it is more than probable that its weekly or twice-a-week physical commitment would not only decrease the growing number of obese children, but it might even get him/her hooked on an activity that he/she could use as exercise the rest of their life! Regular exercise for children also develops an immensely stronger heart, especially anaerobic exercise which is what most sports entail. This eminently reduces the risk for obtaining certain chronic diseases in the future, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer. In fact, childhood physical inactivity has the highest correlation to high risk of coronary heart disease for thirteen to twenty-eight year olds (Organized Sports... 5). To think, just by playing a sport or getting regular physical activity of some kind, a child can almost diminish their risk or getting a disease later. On …show more content…
Kids need time to just be kids with imaginations and recesses and swing sets, before they are faced with the decision of whether to commit to a competitive sport or not. If deciding whether a child should get involved in organized sports or not, think about what the child would lack without all these advantages and benefits for the future. Why would one not sign their child up for a recreational sports team with all the possible given advantages a child could have? Even without the enticing benefits of sports, I can honestly say that there is an unexplainable, gratifying contentment to the regular exercise that the sports I play entail, and I would not give this satisfaction for …show more content…
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