The Importance Of Plagiarism In College

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During spring quarter 2016, a paper I wrote for Ancient Near East 10W (Jerusalem: Holy City) was flagged for plagiarism. flagged it as about 25% plagiarized from different sources on the internet. I was subsequently called in to speak with my TA, then my professor and finally the dean. After explaining the situation and the circumstances, it was decided that a quarter suspension was the appropriate punishment. I was lucky that it happened during spring quarter, as the suspended quarter was the summer. I was not planning on taking summer classes, so the suspension did not affect my graduation plan that much. However, since I did not pass Ancient Near East 10W (Jerusalem: Holy City), I needed to complete my writing 2 requirement …show more content…
The university has strong policies in place to combat academic dishonesty for many reasons. Academic dishonesty, basically another word for cheating, has many forms, plagiarism, cheating, fabrication and more. UCLA wants its students to complete a wholesome education through their own abilities, cheating not only hurts the student themselves but also the whole class and environment. They will not receive the knowledge they are paying for and the class has to deal with potential fallouts and hurting the curve. Other students who work hard genuinely earn their grades and learn the material, students who cheat do not. The university also has so many resources available to all students to help them cope with classes. UCLA understands that their academics are tough, which is why they provide resources like the writing center, academic counseling, office hours and many more to help student do the best they can. The overarching reason for their policies against academic dishonestly is simply because it is wrong. The stiff punishments are there to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, and if they unfortunately do happen, then the policies are in place to prevent it from happening

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