Placing Technology In The 21st Century Essay

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Placing technology in a school is important in education students in the 21st century. A Gallup survey said student engagement has gone up 55% in the past decade due to the introduction of technology into the college classroom. Students are learning in different and more personalized ways than ever before. There are several ways that this differentiation can be achieved by teachers but technology is one way that can be very effective if used well. For the past two school years, I have used different online classroom suites that allowed students to do all of their work digitally. My classroom has been paperless for the entire school year. Students can use paper for their projects but there is always a 100% paperless options that many choose. Getting this technology is something that is daunting to schools because of the speed that it can change and the initial start up costs. There are some good ways that a school can get the most bang for its buck when setting a technology use goal. The first place to start with technology integration is with the teachers. They need to be trained in ways that they can use in their classroom right now. Teachers are often trained in things …show more content…
Google Apps for Education suite has Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Classroom and Google Calendar. These can be customized to fit the privacy of your school and the needs of your students. There are other suites like Gaggle, I used this the first year of paperless classroom, that do many of the same things. These suites allow your students to create and work on projects from anywhere, school or home. Training needs to be provided to teachers on not only how to use the educational suite but also how to design projects and assignments utilizing the power inside the educational suite. Teachers need to feel comfortable with it and how to do basic troubleshooting to help ease their fears about trying something

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