The Importance Of Physical Fitness And Strength Training Essay

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I am a white, straight male from the small town of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, located on the border of Pennsylvania and New York. I’m eighteen years old and both my parents have attended college for four or more years. Growing up in a small town where everyone knows each other was a great experience for me, as I was able to understand the struggles others went through in their daily lives. When I was sixteen, I met someone who changed my life forever. When I was a sophomore in high school, our soccer coach decided we should do a lifting program. He hired an eighteen year old girl named Ashlee Lattner to coach us through this. This made me realize how important physical fitness and strength training was. If an eighteen year old girl who had overcome countless injuries could squat almost three hundred pounds, then I should be able to do more with great amounts of hard work, right? I continued to progress over the months that followed. I was always learning more about fitness, how to train, when to train, which supplements to take, etc. I was heavily influenced by Gregory Plitt, Joe Hashey, Ross Dickerson, and Jeff Cavalier. These four made me realize fitness is not just about looking good or lifting a set amount of weight. It is a lifestyle. It requires careful attention to detail. It requires sacrifice. You have to build up those around you and push them to succeed; you can’t climb a mountain without a team of individuals who are as motivated and hungry for success as you…

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