The Importance Of Physical Education

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Register to read the introduction… All of these elements have come together to fashioned the National Standards for Physical Education either through modification or integration. If we encourage the growth and development of physical education as an enormous source of constructive developmental characteristics beginning in the early childhood years, and continuing on throughout the adolescent and late teen-age then on into their adulthood. Physical education is often “described as essential subject matter dedicated to learning in the psychomotor domain and committed to developing lifetime physical activity patterns”. (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2010, p. 2) The apparent function of physical education “is expanding to embrace achievement of broader educational objectives such as whole school improvement, community development and effecting personal behavioral and attitudinal change” (Ken Hardman, 2011, p. 17) Within the school system, physical education plays a unique and necessary position, one that offers the students the opportunity to integrate their Academic concepts (Language arts, Science, History, and Math) into their daily physical education classrooms. Through Physical Education we address many contemporary issues, like Obesity, a distinctive element not offered by any other school experience. Physical Education has had a status issue for a long time, struggling for acknowledgment compared with the other subject of study within the school system. (Kirk & Tinning, 199)This struggle comes from the opinions of teaches, academics, and parents regarding what is and is not considered to be a legitimate general awareness or possession of ideas, facts, information, principles, or truths fully deserving of a position within the schools set

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