Unhealthy Eating Habits Of College Students

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Many hold education as a top priority standard, but how can anyone study when health factors dominate the scholarly life? Logical reasoning might argue that, as a matter of fact, learning cannot thrive with decaying health conditions. Given the environment of the U.S., college students fall victim to many types of dangers such as emotional struggle due to rigorous class schedules, the attaining of disease factors resulting from the buffet-style food plans, and social pressure. Therefore, knowing the situation of colleges cannot change within a fortnight, avoiding these different risks also proves impossible. Still, schools should work to decrease the increasing rate of health decay among pupils by enforcing a method that could balance the negative …show more content…
As the provider of food, colleges possess a responsibility to enforce good health and integrate exercise in the routines of students within their campus. For instance, colleges encourage “unhealthy eating habits by offering limited healthy food options, falsely advertising healthy foods, and requiring students to purchase their meal plans” (Marzano). Since universities plan to monitor the nutritional aspect of the students’ lives, they rightly must understand the harmful health factors that could affect students ingesting their cafeteria food. Colleges need to stress the importance of exercise, because the increased obesity rate within their community associates to their buffet-style food plans. Moreover, if schools cannot control the fat-gaining student body, they have no choice but to deal with the dangerous health factors impacting students, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and many more diseases contributed to excess fat (“Effects”). To control the fatal diseases that could form from the accelerating obesity rate affected by college meals, schools should find a method to balance out the unhealthy regime. Requiring students to take sports classes does not only promote a thriving school body but also encourages students to make time to improve their

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