The Pros And Cons Of Photography

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Imagine this: A person walking through the crowded streets of New York City on a chill, fall afternoon around six o’clock at night. This person has had a long day, from being drowned in work at the office, to being called into the boss’s office only to receive criticism. As one would imagine, this person may not have the happiest facial expressions on their long walk through the city until they reach home. However, along the way this person sees a beautiful sunset in the horizon. Being a young citizen in the twenty first century means that this person must take advantage of this golden opportunity to take a picture of this sunset to post it on social media and impress their electronic friends. After the picture is taken, edited to really …show more content…
It is evident that photography has a negative impact of one’s experiences and representations of the world because it causes people miss out on the true experiences of life and often times photography is used only to better ones …show more content…
“Photographs create collisions of time…They reveal what the eye cannot see.”(LIFE Magazine). Photography can be a truly unique and beautiful form of art. They can give the human eye details and imprint images within their head’s, images that will never be seen in person. Photography in science can allow doctors to see inside of the body and even inside of cells. Photography can be a very powerful tool and can change lives. In Donald Murray’s article The Stranger in the Photo Is Me Murray determines, “It is so recent in the stretch of man’s history that we have been able to stop time in this way and hold still for reflection.”(20). The art of taking pictures has endless time to grow and develop, while photographers have time to learn new techniques that really show truth through photography. However, as the world becomes more reliant on technology and people use social media, the majority of photography will carry many biases and remain untrue. Because, of people’s selfishness and pride photography taken in every day life can often not be trusted, as it is not a true representation of what is truly going on in life. Many inhabits of the earth have easy access to camera’s and other devices that take photographs and often times not much thought is put into the picture that is being

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