The Importance Of Pet Dry Food

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It is worth remembering

If you decide to feed your pet dry food, you should remember some rules that must be followed in such a diet. First pet should have round the clock access to water. This is required when feeding dry food. Further, if you have started to feed your pet dry food, be sure to look for the dog's dry food. Sometimes it happens that you have thoroughly studied food producer, looked up, everything seems fine.

Bought feed your pet a suitable age, chose excellent quality. And the puppy is eating dry food. And here lies another danger, you have calmed down, and to do so not worth it. We need a few days to watch your pet. Food may not suit him, and he would eat it with pleasure. A pet food will inflict harm. For example, the pet may begin diarrhea and poisoning. Diarrhea, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms of gastric activity.

Then, your pet and you will be happy and
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This question is very important, because even the best and most balanced meal can harm if the puppy overfeed. The daily rate depends on the weight of feed a puppy, for example if the puppy is very small and weighs 3 kilos, his daily rate shall not exceed 100 grams of dry food. Over time, the puppy begins to rise and the rate of dry food for puppies should increase with its growth.

When the weight of the puppy will grow up to 5 kilograms, the rate of dry food is expected to increase to 150 grams per day, and so on. An adult dog weighing 80 kilograms a day consumes about 800 grams of dry food. A more detailed table with the norms of dry food, you can easily find on the websites of manufacturers of feed. By the way, different food require different standards, so be sure to visit the website of the manufacturer of food, which you have chosen.

What should consist of dry food for

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