The Importance Of Personality In Marriage

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After reading and researching articles that dealt with personalities in a marriage or long lasting relationships, the common denominator that was present in several papers consists of communication, compromise, and the ability and adaptability to change. Although there were other subtopics that are essential in creating a foundation in a relationship these are the three areas that I will focus on.

Being a good communicator is often being thought of as people who can articulate their feelings and beliefs to others through a logical manner only, however, another component of being a good communicator that I found interesting is being able to be a good listener. Maintaining good eye contact and picking up verbal and nonverbal cues is essential
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According to Barton Goldsmith, “Compromise is something that combines qualities or elements of different things. It does not mean giving up or giving in. It is a blending of hearts and minds, and that is what makes a marriage.” (Goldsmith 2010) An example of how to compromise is not trying to be the winner of a conversation, it is about hearing what your partner has to say and trying to see the other persons point of view. Bringing up past arguments or keeping a tally is not part of the compromising process either. It only escalates the disagreement. One of the major aspects of being able to compromise is to accept and follow through with the changes that should be made on the previous commitment. Do not make false promises in order to end the fight. Emotions and beliefs should be prevalent in making compromises to ensure you are heard and to also ensure that your partners emotions have been taken into consideration. Another key tool in compromise is the ability to appreciate your mate in any argument so that he/she knows that you are still a team. Even though there is a disagreement, there is a positive interaction going on in the relationship and this needs to be appreciated. At the end of the day keeping your mind open is the main key of compromise, it allows you to change future expectations, and essentially avoid arguments in the first place. Learning to work …show more content…
Financial stability is a positive and negative aspect in a healthy relationship. The debts and expenses of your partner is also your responsibility and hiding the financial necessities from each other can cause dishonesty and loss of trust. Another personality of adaptability is the dealing with unforeseen circumstances such as an emotional crisis. Examples of emotional crisis that could potentially rise in a family could be a death of a child, a psychically or mentally handicap child, or even a simple midlife crisis. In order to persevere through these obstacles, you and your partner must help each other emotionally deal with some of these potentially high risk factors that could result in any relationship. There also needs to be a component that constantly keep your intimate part of you relationship intact. The challenge on keeping the relationship alive is keeping it from being boring, verbalize your feelings, try new aspects, and laugh. Studies show that the most important thing in life is the personal relationship you have with your significant

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