Becoming Mentally Healthy

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1) In everyday life, it is vital to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. 2) One of the things you can do to become mentally and emotionally healthy is to educate yourself. 3) This can be as simple as reading a book, or as advanced as taking a college class. 3) By educating yourself, you encourage curiosity and get your mind working and thinking. 2) Another thing you can do is get involved in society. 3) Getting a job, joining a club, or volunteering is a great way to do so. 3) In doing these things, you give yourself both a sense of fulfillment and another place that you are wanted, another purpose in life. 2) Yet another way to reach your goal of becoming someone who is mentally and emotionally healthy is to simply think positively. 3) This …show more content…
2) An intellectual boundary to set for yourself is not allowing others to negatively affect your relationships. 3) The relationship you have with others whether it be with God, your friend, or your family, shouldn’t be affected by others’ views on them. 3) The relationship is yours, not theirs, and letting others’ influence that relationship in a negative way can turn your healthy relationship into an unhealthy one, or even break the relationship altogether. 3) Maintaining healthy relationships is an important factor in your mental stability. 2) The next most important boundary to set for yourself is to not allow yourself to do less than your best at everything you do. 3) By putting in your best effort you end up with your best work which, most often, will leave you feeling proud of your accomplishment which, in turn, gives you more self-confidence, which is mentally healthy. 2)The very most vital boundary for your mental health is always making the final verdict on your decisions. 3) The choices you make in life determine your future, and that future, and that future is the only one you get, so don't let others’ interfere with it. 3) Making your own decisions means that you are the driver of the car that represents your life. 3) The independence in your decisions gives you responsibility, self-assurance, and the ability to do what you need to reach your dreams and goals. Setting intellectual boundaries is the most important aspect of sustaining your mental

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