The Importance Of Personal Writing

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Since the beginning of the school year, I feel my overall writing has improved because of my new abilities to construct an arguable and detailed thesis and back it with strong, relevant information, evaluate and integrate sources that I find, and make sure that my writing is void of any grammatical and punctuation errors. I can remember back to the beginning of the year when I was just starting out; my writing skills were ok. As the semester progressed, I noticed the quality of my writing was improving, as each of my new skills was developing. At the beginning of the year, my papers did not even contain a thesis; I just kind of wrote the paper how I felt was right. In addition, I was not very good at finding sources or even incorporating them …show more content…
Over the course of the year, I have learned how to properly evaluate sources and work them into my writing. Not only have I seen a difference in my ability to do so in this class, but also in my FYI class. I will be citing three in-text citations, my first and second in-text citations are from this (WRIT 1400) class, the third is from my FYI class. “Through the eyes of James Paul Gee, my study of Latin would be considered a secondary discourse”. Here you can see that there is very little information on who the person I speak of is. You could say that is kind of vague. Then, in my second citation, I step up the level of detail. “Boghrati, a correspondent for, states that in order to enforce the dress code, fifty new police squads were put into action”. In this citation, the person I am citing is further described, as the reader would now know who Boghrati is. In my third citation, I raise the level of detail even further. “In the year 2016, journalist, Beinart, analyzes the presidential run of Hillary Clinton and explores some of the underlying facts”. In this citation, I include a date, as well as the role of the person that I am citing. Between these three citations, a large difference in quality can be noticed. After having

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