Flexible Ethnocentrism

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With today’s society become more and more opinionated on one’s own personal values and morals, it has now caused people to become very ethnocentric. Also, with many things persuading us to stand up and support our personal opinions, we as humans tend to become narrow minded and not welcome anyone else’s views without being judgemental right away. I think I can say that everyone has gone through this at least one time in their lifespan. Sometime in their life where they automatically closed off one’s opinion because it was something that they did not agree upon. Whether it is caused by morally incorrect in their eyes or it is something that they are not accustomed to. I can say that this has happened to me multiple times where I had to evaluate …show more content…
I guess I am not as much as a flexible ethnocentric as I thought I was. They have always said that I am my father’s twin, from looks to personality to same passions, everything. Well, my father has always been the very open minded and very flexible when it comes to being ethnocentric; he has always been the one to show up another point of view to try to get us to understand the other perspective of a certain situation. In this case, he did the exact thing to try to get me to realize what I was feeling was not the only way that was correct. Therefore, since I consider myself just like my father, I thought I was able to get that flexible ethnocentrism just like him, apparently I did not. Looking back at the situation, I now understand my faults and realize that I am more ethnocentric when it comes to my faith than to other situations. I find myself now questioning on the things that I was forced to comply when I was young in the church and trying to understand and seeing if what I was taught was biblical or just another tradition of the Pentecostal/Apostolic

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