Personal Narrative: Gaining My Degree

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In the past few years, there have been many moments where I wished that I’d stayed in school and finished earning my degree. Moments that affected me, such as being turned down for a job position to more involved moments, like when all of my high school friends graduated from college, but the pivotal moment when I decided to return to school to make earning my degree a reality, was when I gave birth to my daughter.
For as long as I can remember, I have always done everything in my power for my siblings so that they would go to college and have a successful future. My younger brother, Malik, and younger sister, Ty’Liah, always turned to me with any problems they had in school or at home. Being as though, I was the oldest child and our parents
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How humiliated I was, that still wasn’t enough for me to go back to school but it did fuel me to want to make a change for myself. So, I got online and started to fill out job applications for a higher paying job. Two short days passed and I got a call back from a man named “Frederick Patterson” he said to me in a deep voice, “Can you come in for a interview, I think you may be a great addition to our team”, I replied excitingly “Yes!”. The following week, I went into a company called, “Focus point”, for the interview on a beautiful Monday morning. I was a little nervous but more excited than anything. The mid-aged man who interviewed me, had a very intimidating look. He had smooth brown skin, with a shiny baldhead and a full jet black beard. His chest and biceps was so swollen, that light grey suit jacket barely fit. This interview was the fastest interview that I had ever done. After only five minutes, Frederick had excused himself then quickly returned with a women. She entered the room very rudely and did not introduce herself, she came right into, looked me in my face and said “You’re not qualified for this position, thank you for your time”. Sitting inside the spacious and cold office, my hands were shaking and sweating. I was speechless. I felt defeated. I wiped my hands on my black cotton skirt as I stood up and took my walk of shame, as Frederic and the women both watched me walk …show more content…
Me and my boyfriend Eugene, did a lot of wining and dining together. With my siblings away at college and my boyfriend spoiling me with every chance he get, I rarely had any problems. That fast and fun lifestyle soon ended when I found out that I was one month pregnant. My world stopped so fast and once again I felt ashamed. Ashamed, because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life and I was scared that a child would only set me back further. Eugene, was so happy when I told him. Being as though he is older than me he always talked about having children, but I was never ready. I started to think about how much needed to changed before this baby came into the world and while thinking it hit me that once I had my own child the decision I make will either help or harm their future. It wasn’t about me any more. My lifestyle was great for just supporting just myself, but at just the young age of twenty-one with only a high school level education, still living with my mother and a minimum wage paying job was not at all good enough for supporting a family. Therefore, I thought of ways to make a better life for me and my child and the smartest thing to do was get a degree so that I could qualify for higher paying jobs and also have the knowledge to smart my own business. I did not want to start school again while I was pregnant because I knew that a small baby was

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