The Importance Of Personal Knowledge And Shared Knowledge

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Personal knowledge and shared knowledge are two extremely different ways in which people obtain knowledge. Shared knowledge is defined as ‘a socio-cultural knowledge, broadly along the lines of a set of norms, values, signifiers and cultural mores’ and ‘personal knowledge comes from the local experience of an individual’ . From my own perspective I believe shared knowledge is obtained through collaborative work; knowing from others, and personal knowledge is obtained from a person’s own opinion; what I know. The role the two forms of knowledge; personal knowledge and shared knowledge, play in human sciences and mathematics exemplifies their importance in a person’s understanding of the world.
‘Human sciences refers to the investigation of
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This can be seen in Vygotsky’s theory of social development, where he argues that ‘social interaction precedes development; consciousness and cognition is the end product of socialization and social behaviour.’ What he meant was that social interactions are keys in our country, when gaining personal knowledge, as more interactions are made, it would ultimately lead to better personal knowledge than before. But is the knowledge acquired from such social interactions improving our personal knowledge at all occasions, or can they be feeding false …show more content…
For example, my two year old niece, who was not able to say a single word at first, gained knowledge and understanding of the language my family uses as a mode of interaction amongst each other. With the knowledge that is shared to her, she is able to convert that shared knowledge to form part of her person knowledge; hence I experienced that my niece was able to obey the commands that are presented to her. For example a member of my family is constantly using his Smartphone device while the baby near, and therefore she is able to replicate the moves performed on the Smartphone and able to direct the phone to certain application such as image and

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