Identity Reverse Role Confusion

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Identity verse role confusion is where we try to reach the virtue of fidelity, this is ages twelve through eighteen. People started to ask me more towards my senior year what I planned on studying in college. This question scared me and disliked when parents and teacher would ask me because I had no idea. I went into high school when I was thirteen years old, which again was a lot younger than most students. Being thirteen it was a huge accomplishment to make the varsity team, especially since I typically play against sixteen to eighteen year olds. I was on the team with my older sister that was a senior at the time and it was awesome experience to play with her during her last year. Right before high school, I finally hit puberty, it seemed like I was the last out of my friends but being so young for …show more content…
Hearing stories from my mom it made me consider social work and thought I would be really interesting. My parents were always supportive and would encourage me to try new things because I needed that extra push to motivate me. Given my own space to experiment and hang out with the people of my choice it assisted me to establish who I am and found my true identity. Continuously being asked what my future plans were forced me to think more into it because the next time someone asked me I wanted to give an answer. Knowing that I wanted to help people and hearing the many stories my mom would tell me pushed me to more towards social work. Now I finally gave people a straight forward answer and I was proud of my choice. Deciding my future plans gave me the closure to move on to the next stage and to start focusing on my wants in life. Knowing what I can handle can guide me to focus more towards the field that I am most comfortable with. This way I don’t have to be out in the field and come to the realization that I cannot handle the issues causing me to not effectively help this

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