The Importance Of Performance Anxiety

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If you were to ask me what the scariest part about having anxiety is, my answer to you would be how little is known about it. Mental health is such a feared thing to talk about, yet talking and spreading awareness is the only way to end the stigma.

I have severe “performance anxiety” as my doctor called it, it 's no longer an everyday thing but for a long time it was, it started as being anxious before soccer games or track meets, I mean, nerves is something all athletes face, it 's part of the sport, but something about the way my stomach turned and the way my cereal repulsed me the morning of a big game, that made me realize it was a lot more than just a little pre-game stress.
It took me a long time to realize; realize that something was
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But the reality is, it made me sickly anxious in any setting that was out of my comfort zone. The harsh truth to it is, this included things I was excited for; I couldn 't do it, because I would get too scared that something would go wrong or that I would get my hopes up and be …show more content…
Long road trips to tournaments that once caused me the worst of stress, now is one of my favourite things, sleeping through the stressor or occupying my mind with music or singing and goofing around in the car is what works for me. I found that talking to my coach helped, his daughter had similar feelings and he knew how to help and how I could prepare for things that made me anxious. My everyday things that I would avoid because of my uncomfortability and insecurity quickly subsided when I learned how to cope and be confident within myself.

In addition to learning how to deal with my anxiety, I learned that if you don’t ever let anything stop you, then you will never be stopped. You can’t let the things you can’t control, take over your mind, once I learned that, my confidence returned. I no longer dreaded going to play the sport I fell in love with and instead I found my drive, I worked harder, just because I was struggling with something, doesn’t mean I should have been given pity, I decided that if you have a pylon in your way, you’re just going to have to push that extra step and get around

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