The Importance Of Peer Pressure In Social Psychology

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Throughout everyday life, people are pressured into doing things whether they want to do it but they are too scared or, they don’t want to but someone else wants them to. Peer pressure is known as the impact exerted by a peer group on its separate members to fit in with or conform to group expectations by thinking, feeling, and acting in a like or approved way. Commonly referred to as peer-group pressure. (Psychology Dictionary , n.d.). Every person will go through a time in their life where they will feel pressured. This is becoming very common in adolescents. Peer pressure starts at a very young age, in the playground you observe children telling other children what to do, or ganging up on another child so that they will do what the other …show more content…
Through daily life we follow a set of rules and laws that have been given to us, when everyone follows these laws they are conforming to the society which creates better social functioning. If no one conformed or follow rules the world would be chaotic. The law pressures people into doing the right thing, by setting guidelines for them to follow. For example when we see a red light, we stop just like everyone else. Conformity also leads to respect by society, when we follow rules people will respect our behaviour. But conformity is not always about following rules, on a daily basis we give into peer pressure and conformity by just saying hi to people in the hallway, when we see our friends say hello usually we will follow what they did and say hello back, this is a common gesture that people automatically expect when they say hi to you. In many cases people don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else, for example; when your group of friends decide they want to go to Harvey’s to eat but you’re the only one that wants to go to McDonalds, normally you would give into their peer pressure and go to Harvey’s with them. In social psychology people expect others to act according to the situation they are in, those are called social norms. These social norms are the part we play as a member of society, a person’s behaviour must be able to change to fit the expectations of society, and a particular

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