The Importance Of Peer Leadership

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How did the peer leader (PL) encourage or demonstrate that he/she values active participation of students in the session? For example, at the beginning of the question session, peer leader would say “hi” to students, which reveals a sense of welcoming questions, so students would willing to ask questions. I found this way would help increase the chance of receiving questions from students.

What were specific actions/question performed/asked by the PL that increased student involvement, attention, participation, and thinking? Peer leader would ask students questions like “what is combustion reaction?” or ask students questions that require them to pull knowledge from what they do know before to get students’ attention and participation.

How did the PL demonstrate a climate of respect for what others had to say? Peer leader would listen students’ questions first without interrupting. Also, peer leader will not directly say that his or her answer is wrong, instead, she will redirect them to the right direction.
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There are also other peer leaders in this course, and I found that each of them manages around five to ten students.

What did the PL do well during the teaching session? Please provide at least 3 specific examples.
Firstly, at the beginning of the clicker session, peer leader says “hi” to students and shows sense of welcoming questions, which will encourage students to ask questions. Secondly, peer leader does not directly answer students’ questions; instead, peer leader asks question back to students, so students have the chance to rethink about the question. Thirdly, peer leader also asks another peer leader for clarification about the question; this shows that even peer leader does not sure about the question, she will not just ignore it.

What suggestions do you have for the PL for improvement? Please provide at least 3 specific

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