The Importance Of Tracking In Education

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Without students, we as teachers have no purpose. Without students, there would be no one to teach and therefore teaching would become obsolete. That is why I support a student-centered approach to teaching. Specifically, I am in favor of progressivism.
Progressivism arose at the turn of the twentieth century and was a way of focusing on “the “whole child”” as learning stepped past simply subject matter and moved toward the “needs and interests of the child” (Educational Encyclopedia, 2016). For many, student-centered learning is a way to eliminate the teacher - especially in today’s age of technology. Pedagogical progressivism focuses on this move toward the “whole child” while still utilizing the ever-so-important role of the teacher.
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Using tracking I can identify what methods of instruction best work for each student and personalize an education to each of these individual. Plenty of people take a stand against tracking as they believe that this method can victimize specific individuals who are falling behind or who do not understand. The targeting of tracking is not used in a poor way to cause the student stand-out or feel ridiculed, but rather in a positive way to better adjust the curriculum in a way that the student can then comprehend and master. Tracking is and should be used in a way to help students excel.
Stationing my way of teaching on pedagogical progressivism allows me to constantly analyze my ways of teaching and my students’ ways of learning to provide a learning experience that will truly leave an impact. Reflection is an important part of any career, but especially in teaching. Reviewing how a lesson went with your class can provide you insight on how to better that lesson and its deliverance for next
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Individualized instruction is the best option for my classroom. I began my journey into teaching because of a love for children and wanting to better their lives. Having a student fail a lesson or an entire class because they could not comprehend a lesson in the standardized way of teaching would hurt me as a teacher in a personal way. I take a stand with progressivism because I believe it is important to harness the potential and the passion of each student. A student should never be held back because they have a different way of doing and understanding. Through tracking I can better visualize and understand how my students are learning best and conform my lessons to better suit their needs. I never want a student to walk out of my classroom completely clueless just as I was in

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