Summary: Improving Patient Relationship Management

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The objective of this initiative is to help hospitals build and maintain a better relationship with the patient by improving the patient experience, patient hospital communication channels and thereby increasing the patient loyalty to hospital. The current market needs to be understood to create a more personalized application that would enhance the hospital–patient relationship. In order to improve patient loyalty, the problems that a patient faces need to be studied and solved. The surveys conducted indicate that the major difficulty faced by the patients in hospitals is the time wasted in queues. The product is aimed at reducing the time wasted by patients at hospitals. It will also keep the hospital and the patient in constant communication. The doctor will be aided in giving accurate diagnosis by having enough information about the patient delivered to …show more content…
This delay may be caused due to a personal issue from the doctor’s side or due to poor infrastructure of the hospital. In either case patients are at loss as their valuable time and energy is being wasted. An efficient time management system should be in place in order to overcome this disadvantage. Patient Relationship management system provides a queue management approach, which gives real-time updates about scheduled appointments. It not only helps in utilizing a patient’s time productively but also improves the overall patient experience.
An accurate diagnosis often requires a detailed description of previous symptoms and visit histories. The creation and maintenance of patient profiles aid the doctors in providing a more precise diagnosis and ensures that quality service is provided to each patient. The doctor profiles present in patient relationship management system helps patients in identifying and choosing a doctor that is qualified and fits their requirement

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