Essay on The Importance Of Patient No Show On Health Care Facilities

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Patient no-shows are detrimental to health care facilities. This paper will not only address the issue of patient no-shows, but analyze determining factors and present a solution. For the purpose of our study, a no-show is referred to as a patient who does not show up to their scheduled examination or who calls within fifteen minutes prior to their examination time to reschedule. By calling just fifteen minutes prior or less, that does not leave any chance for the examination slot to be filled by booking another patient. Although calling to reschedule the same day of the appointment, greater than fifteen minutes, can still cause an empty examination slot, as long as the reschedule was made more than fifteen minutes prior of the appointment time it will not be counted as a no-show loss.
First, no-shows have a negative effect on both the patient and the health care facility. According to articles No-Show to Primary Care Appointments: Why Patients Do Not Come and Appointment scheduling under patient preference and no-show behavior Operations Research, no-show patients cause a delay in patient care, decrease the efficiency of the daily schedule, and cost the facility revenue 1,2. Another reason showing up for a scheduled exam is important, not only to diagnose possible symptoms, but to discover dormant pathologies as well. Medical screenings in the diagnostic world have become more prevalent. Medical screenings are attributed to the decreasing mortality rates of cancers…

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