The Importance Of Pastoral Counseling And The Implementation Of Prayer And Faith

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How could one give pastoral counseling without the experience of spiritual formation and the implementation of prayer and faith? In order to understand the importance of pastoral counseling, one might need to know what elements are to be included. There are several types of counseling and psychological methods and remedies concerning various issues and conflicts. However, one might conclude to understand that pastoral counseling serves in an arena all by itself. When it comes to pastoral counseling, faith, prayer, and spiritual formation all play very significant and vital roles.
Faith is very similar and is often associated with belief. Any Christian who truly understands faith and realizes its importance in their walk with God may say that without faith it is impossible to please God (New International Version, Hebrews 11:6). This statement and familiar bible verse is shown to be true considering the fact that Christianity is based in the belief that Jesus was raised from the dead to save the world from eternal death. No Christian during this lifetime witnessed that act but by faith it is what they believe. Smith (2007) concluded that faith has nothing to do with a natural state of mind, proof, or evidence. Only by faith, can one be confident in the unknown future. Often times there are fears that are associated with the unknown. It is very humane to fear and daily humans are faced with a variety of unrealistic fears. Houge (2014) explained that through evolution, humans…

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