Passion In The Workplace Essay

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People are losing their passion in the working environment. The majority does the job just to earn money. Some have become acclimated to doing things for the sake of doing it and end up giving only a portion of what they can really do.(1) Some slowly conform to the setbacks, frustrations, and even boredom of their work until they surrender to a routine that is incongruent with who they are and what they truly want.(2)
We get stuck in our comfort zones and would prefer not to extend them. “What was once the up-lifting enjoyment in what we did before was now becoming the boredom of routine and the energy drain in every day.”(3) Sometimes, a job that was fulfilling now progressively becomes less significant, gradually dissolving our excitement
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At times it is an effect of what you do. Being passionate is also about investing your time, effort, costs, etc. and to weather the storm regardless of how hard it is (6)
“The importance of passion in the workplace cannot be overstated.”(7)
Passion at work opens the best approach to positive experiences that make us enthusiastic and upbeat, but also challenge us to the core. Passion without some test may not be passion worth chasing. In other words, it should be about work that is imperative, that makes us battle through something, and that lifts us past our individual interest.(8)
Having passion brings energy to work and tend to give us a sense of purpose.(9) Passion creates a zeal for the finished result and the conclusive outcome, and gives you the zest to continue trying until you achieve your objectives. Your energy levels increase rapidly compared to the amount of enthusiasm and drive you convey to work every day. (10) It helps heighten concentration and therefore, you turn out to be more careful and focused towards your optimal employment.

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