The Importance Of Participation In Sports

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Sports play a vital role in ones personality development. It is considered to be a human activity involving physical skills governed by a set of rules and regulations. Participation in sports is not only beneficial for physical health, but it also has a positive impact on the mental health as well. Hence engaging in sports results in an increased intensity of concentration, reduction of stress and strain, and boosts self confidence, which in turn would assist students to achieve academic success. Students involved in sports also learn about the importance of key values such as teamwork, honesty, being humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat, and adherence to rules. So I believe that students who participate in sports are proven to reap …show more content…
This is the ability to work together as a team, in both victory and defeat, and achieve a common goal. This also means that one should not be selfish and not try to show off at the expense of another. The concept of being team spirited does not apply to sports alone, but applies to all walks of life. The road to success could easily be attained when one works in a team, as the pressure and time is distributed among each member. This plays an imperative role when students have to work in groups in classroom activities. Group work essentially creates an environment that assists students to work with one another, and share their thoughts and ideas. Hence the students who engage in sports are able to comprehend the ideas of the other group members, and thus are able to produce better results as a group. They encourage the other members to be well focused, and would run effective group discussions with a clear purpose. Students who do not engage in sports, tend to work individually, and would not consider the views and ideas of others. Such students would disagree constantly with others, resulting in conflicting …show more content…
Therefore, one should harness equality amongst each and every student, regardless of individual differences and racial identity. Sports involvement results in social development among young competitors from all walks of life, and ensures harmonious and lifetime relationships. Hence students engaging in sports would show a greater sense of community, firstly within their school, and then beyond. These students create an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. They would make each individual feel valued and accepted. They not only enhance positive interactions with their fellow students, but also with the school staff members and parents as well. On the other hand, you cannot expect students who are not involved in sports to exhibit strong social skills within the school community and outside as well. This category of students will be prone to show social discrimination due to lack of exposure. Once again the advantage of a sports oriented student is shown here.
Summarizing the above stated facts, it is clear that students who participate in sports would encompass the following benefits over those who do not. They are: budgeting time more wisely, having higher levels of energy, being team spirited and exhibiting a greater sense of community within the school and beyond. Therefore in my opinion, these key characteristics would make a positive impact in a student’s

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