The Importance Of Parents Or Families Make Successful Students

1222 Words Oct 28th, 2015 null Page
Throughout my teaching career, I have always been told that involved parents or families make successful students. I have come to find this statement to be somewhat true as I have years of experience working with students and families. As every educator should know, parent-teacher collaboration is top priority and is the driving force for every child’s academic success. Under no circumstance should there be a gap or a vast divide between the two. Due to the changes in in today’s society, it is safe to say that teachers will encounter different types of families each school term, and as a result, when communicating with the different families, it is crucial for educators to be mindful of the stigma that might accompany some of these diverse families. Without bias and stereotype, educators should think of ways they can build positive relationships with families to better educate students. To ensure that there is always harmony between home life and school life, there has to be effective communication between teachers and families. When schools communicate with families in order to get them actively involved, not only is it beneficial to the teachers, but also beneficial to the child academically, socially and psychologically. From the class text, I read of a longitudinal study which highlight that parental involvement is one of the strongest predictors of student achievement. But how do teachers get families to be involved? The answer is, as I mentioned before, through…

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