The Importance Of Parenting Styles In North America

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A parent’s involvement in their child’s education can greatly shape how their child does throughout their schooling career, as well as beyond into the workplace. Whether the parents are too deeply involved by becoming a ‘helicopter parent’, or the parent isn’t involved at all and does very little to participate in any aspect of their child’s education. At what point does becoming too involved or having no involvement at all affect the child on a scholastic level? And does the difference of location and parenting style have any affect on the child? Parenting styles in North America and Southeast Asia can be very different from one another, leading to our differences in worldview, parenting, and culture.
Literature Review
Parental involvement in North America comes in many forms, which range from a parent
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The students must take an exam, which will then determine their future careers as well as which of the coveted universities they will attend. This city in particular is well known for its wealth and high standards of living and that it is filled with mothers who will throw themselves heavily into their child’s academic career to make sure their child makes it into the best university possible (Choi, Lim & Park, 2015). Many families flock to this city for its quality of education and competitiveness, which can easily be found in Gangnam (Choi, Lim & Park, 2015). These mothers develop a heavily planned networking group that allows them to get in touch with the best tutors, contacts, and acquaintances, which will allow their children to be best prepared for their exams (Choi, Lim & Park, 2015). These networking groups can become so filtered and successful for their children that they have other mothers on waiting lists just to join these groups (Choi, Lim & Park,

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