The Importance Of Parental Screening For Children

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Every parents want their child to grow healthy and successful. Parents do things to improve the outcomes of their child form the time of pregnancy. Moms eat nutritious foods that might make their child strong and smart, listen to Mozart hoping it would boost the IQ of their child or do yoga and exercises that will benefit the life of the child. However, not every parents are able deliver a healthy child because the genetic mutation and diseases that cause the child die before birth or at a very young age. With the advancement in biotechnology, genetic engineering will be able to make the offspring of these parents healthy. According to genetic engineering is deliberate modification of the characteristic of an organism …show more content…
Parent will be able to insert genes that could make their child smarter and taller. Parents could create the best start for their offspring even before even they are born. This will create a society with higher intelligence and better looking people. Image a world if all people look attractive then looks won’t matter anymore. The personality traits, behavior, interests etc… It is no doubt that most parents want smarter, prettier or have the gender they desire. Parent start parental screening and expect some kind of gender. The opposing view might suggest s that parent love their child no matter what features they have. To counter this argument, here are evidence that not all parent have the same positive perspectives. According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions annually, which corresponding to 125,000 abortion per years. There are different reason for abortions but it includes gender preference and birth defects. In China and India the number of gender preference for boys is ever growing and the female infanticide is done illegally. These are countries with massive population and the statistic of illegal abortions are missed out. Especially in China where One Child policy is practiced and the demand for having male children is largely disproportionate to the female demand. If parent were to get desirable traits it would decrease the number of abortion due to gender preference and birth defects. Moreover, Jeffery Scott Coker also states in his same article that there could be people could become slimmer and more muscular, both were accomplished in mice and monkeys. There are many different to improve as well. Our eyesight could be improved as will. The prominent feature that most parents want is the increase in intelligence. Intelligence is both impacted environment but can also be genetically

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