Parent Observation

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During the interview process, parents consistently described the positive experiences they had during the times they directly worked with the district. Consequently, those same parents admitted that they had not been very involved in their children’s education process, especially after the children entered high school. The administrator and teacher interviews provided supporting responses that were indicative of minimal parental involvement and that there was a visible lack of knowledge and understanding among parents as to how they should be involved. All interview groups, including the administrator, teacher, and parents unanimously responded that frequent, ongoing communication is imperative to ensure students’ academic success in the Oilton …show more content…
Responses from middle school and high school parents to interview questions often mirrored one another. A notable difference prevailed when parents were asked about the teachers’ responsibility for educating children. Responses from middle school parents differed in that they felt middle school students were very impressionable and that it was important for teachers to provide positive affirmations to the students. AB, middle school parent, stated, “I think middle school teachers need to provide more encouragement and positive dialogue. They are an influencer in my child’s life, and it is important for them to be a positive role model.” Additionally, SG stated, “Middle school teachers should not discourage students but provide encouragement and honest feedback regarding students’ work and abilities.” Teacher and administrator responses complemented each other in that they found it important for teachers to develop and sustain positive relationships with students and parents while preparing students for life after school and the real …show more content…
Most of the participants addressed this theme using words and phrases like, opportunities for involvement, parent classes, and tutoring. The parent interview group consistently responded that being provided with more opportunities to participate and get involved would increase and advance parent involvement in the district. Parents expressed that more opportunities to engage with their children would be beneficial to the student and the parent. Tenth grade parent MG stated, “Any kind of community event the school could sponsor including fundraisers and athletic events for parents to volunteer at would help create opportunities to get more parents involved.” All groups, including parents, teachers, and administration unanimously agreed that parent education classes in the evenings would be advantageous and a win-win situation for the student and parents. Parents and teachers both understand and have identified educational gaps among parents as a clear indicator parents are lacking the necessary skills to assist their children with homework. Senior guardian TG asked, “Couldn’t there be something like an every third month get together other than parent-teacher conferences, just something to try and get more parents out? Maybe a parent-child outreach to help the families and get them more involved” as a method of

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