Placement In Education

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Searching for truth, especially in our educational system is extremely critical. In present day, our children are required to learn on a different level based on completely different standards than their parents. With each generation, changes are made to the education system, this is nothing new. However, parental involvement including positive influence in our children’s lives should be a very strong presence especially when considering the textbooks and materials the children are required to read and participate in the class with. Parents are given the greatest of opportunities to shape and mold the next generation by being an active figure in everything their child learns. To protect and educate our children and educate to the best …show more content…
A private company, The College Board, develops the Advanced Placement Exams as well as the SAT. The alarming factor is that, The College Board is a group of individuals who dictates standards and curriculum in violation of local control. The director of The College Board, David Coleman, is also the architect of Common Core State Standards. The College Board denies political bias with the guidelines set forth concerning schoolhouse literature, however understanding the background of the group indicates a few untruths. With the redesign of the History guidelines there seems to be a re-work of our U.S. history, as we know it. There also appears to be an undertone of indoctrinating our children with teachings that suggests other countries are more superior to the United States of America. Thomas Bender who leads the American Historians hopes that our students today will grasp and accept the idea that our U.S. Constitution should, and will be, interpreted by foreign law. (Kurtz ,26) It appears evident that The College Board is on a one-way track to distort and re-write the history detailing the foundation of America for the young and impressionable minds of our children to latch on to, simply because our children do not know any …show more content…
Beginning at early ages, preparation for college and careers is the focus for our children with hopes they will become productive members of society. As education is a must, it seems as though we may have taken a few wrong turns. At one point in history, education was Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic along with History and Social Studies. With Common Core State Standards in place today our children are exposed to sexual issues at a very early age, the history lessons are not the same history lessons we grew up reading, Dr. Jason Zimba stated that Common Core Standards prepare our children to be College and Career ready although the math standards in which he created are not STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) worthy and will set our children two years behind in their mathematical education. (Stotsky) . As parents, if we do not set our children on a path to higher learning, our failed education system certainly won’t take the initiative to do so. Knowing that our education system has willingly acknowledged the deficits that will be created with the Common Core Curriculum parents must be aware of, and censor the textbooks and projects their child will be involved in during the course of their

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