The Importance Of Our Past Is Our Future

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Our Past is our Future

In a world of such diversity and complexity we all grow to differ and express our feelings in different forms. We truly find ourselves in the overwhelming blue marble that we call Earth. Over decades of being told what’s correct and what is incorrect we start to question; when do I make decisions for myself? This led to me to allowing life to move along as I drift alongside the waves of time. I’m not religious because I believe that it promotes discrimination upon our fellow human beings. I’m against any form of discriminative entity or lack of a proper justice system. However, even though I made many decisions for myself, my parents have guided me through many barriers and allowed me to grow. Unlike any other parents
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I would cringe in the 6th grade only to realize that what I wore effected how my friends thought of me. I felt like an outcast until I decided to physically change, I would spend more time exercising even if I didn’t bring me joy. In general everybody is affected by social standards; we’d dress up as this or that to gain appreciation from friends and partners. In addition, “Peers into that mirror, mirror and frowns too.” (Mora 20) This statement is the whole concentrate of social distress and depression. As I stated once “everybody is affected by social standards” therefore they’ll do whatever it takes to become ideally popular. This changes who they are in general. They don’t realize it but they change who they really are; they’re playing the imitation game. Thus, self appearance and social influences destroy how one conceives him/her self and disallows one to love him/her self. This dramatically changes the person and pushes them to be socially acceptable yet they aren’t true to …show more content…
In a world where people are judgmental and full of racial hatred it’s difficult for one to spread him/her out for the world to acknowledge. In my own experiences, being Asian-American heavily impacted how I was treated and judged. Asian stereotypes would ravage my life even though they’re only partially true. I was once accused of eating my neighbor’s dog due to my ethnicity and this truly hurt me. On that very same day I realized how idiotic and self absorbed some folks are. My ethnicity made me regret who I am and my entire race. My background heavily and negatively influenced my traits. I became bitter and non-tolerant when I see racism or any other form of physical discrimination. To support my claim the text states, “Head ragged generals across mined fields booby-trapped ditches.” (Walker Lines 14-18) The line above shows and exploits the barriers that hold one back from achieving success. This deeply relates to my family due to our status as immigrants. We worked for everything, and the doors stopping us were a common sight. My father worked at Taco Bell for 6 years to support my brother whom has known 0 English his entire life. My mother who is a cosmetic professional worked day and night to pay the bills and keep food on the table was always stressed. In the end we were a team; united just like the African American mothers who fought for educational

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