The Importance Of Organizational Skills In College Students

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Register to read the introduction… Organizational skills are an important trait many people have not mastered in their personal or professional life. Yet to a college student, it can make the difference between getting accepted to college or being successful in college. An organizational skill is also an important trait in college. Many students have distractions, both inside and outside factors, with their schedules that cannot be overlooked due to mismanagement of time or disorganization (Hatter, 2012). Many of my friends whom are college students complain about lack of time. I usually respond to them that an initial step in organization (both in the military or college) is to sort through and reduce the clutter. There are various types of clutter such as items affecting their personal space (trash, messy desk, messy room, etc.), and of time and energy (too much partying or past time habits’). Both can drastically reduce your productivity to achieve college success. To be successful, college students should acquire and use strong time and organizational skills. One way students can be successful is by having short and long term goals that are attainable. One method to achieve this is to create a to do list by utilizing a planner. Planners are available in either electronic or hard paperback forms. But even with a planner, it is essential that you still stay focused on the task at hand. Organized students will find their lives less stressful and will have more time to accomplish their daily responsibilities and assignments (individual or group). Success can be reached and achieved through dedication and …show more content…
The two attributes that definitely produce the more successful student is dedication and motivation. While I was in the Military, for example, dedication and motivation were considered the primary determining factors for success. To become a successful college student you must apply these same principals. You will need dedication to manage and organize your time wisely. A strong method is by establishing a block of time for studying (no distractions, individual/or group), developing a calendar that includes all your classes of professor/academic advisor hours, and even of your sleeping, eating and leisure

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