The Importance Of Organizational Expectations Of An Employee

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What is expectancy?
Expectation is an important aspect in an organisation, it is about what an employee should expect in the specific working environment. There is two main types of expectation in and organisation expectations of an employee and expectations of an employer. According to Thompson, (2015) the expectations of an employee in an organisation is to have a clear understanding of the work that is required, Have the competence to perform the required tasks, be quick to learn and be reliable. The expectations of an employer includes providing the necessary tools and resources for the employee to perform their set tasks. Managers use a strategies to control employee’s motivation levels by setting managerial standards on what is to be
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According to (Geraghty, 2013), there are two functions of feedback, it gives a clear understanding of the expectations in the workplace and it can serve as a reward which enhances the employee engagement and satisfaction with their work which is associated with individual achievement. Managers should be careful not to reward their staff too excessively as it may have a negative effect in the long term. The employees may perceive the reward as a way of manipulating the employee to get the tasks completed. A continuous feedback or some form of acknowledgement is beneficial for managers and supervisors as it gives employees a sense of direction and control of the work …show more content…
Some of the methods he mentions is the bonus reward system where employees are rewarded based on their performance. A system that can apply a positive recognition such as a simple gesture or giving an employee a praise for their hard work this is also known as positive reinforcement can have a large impact on the motivation of the individual. Managers need to find a reward system that is effective in their organisation. If an employee does not place any value in the reward they are highly unlikely to be more motivated to perform better at work. Based on the employee’s behaviour they have a decision to choose to work harder, perform better or to just produce a normal level of work effort. The motivation levels of the employee can be driven by how much they value the reward, if the reward is not what the employee wants then the employee will not exert a higher level of

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