The Importance Of Organizational Culture And Its Different Aspects

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The next time I walk-in into any store I would surely observe more than I ever have until now. The reason simply being that in the last couple of days I have learnt so much about organisational culture and its different aspects that I can no longer look at any organisation the way I used to look at it before. Earlier, whenever I used to visit a store, it never occurred to me that everything that I could possibly see in that store was meant to be the way it is for a reason. I was unaware of the fact that every store or every organisation for that matter has its own culture and has its own way of doing things.
When I was asked to visit a Warehouse store and observe everything that I possibly could, I was very confused and couldn 't figure out the meaning of that exercise. So with a very unclear idea of what excatly should observe there, I went and visited the Warehouse store nearby and I noticed everything I could, from the number of employees working at the store, their uniform color, the items that had been kept of the shelves, the way they had been arranged, to the number of checkout counters they had. I returned home that day thinking that there was nothing uncommon about that store. It looked just like any other store. Then the other day in class when I was learning about organisational culture and values, it suddenly struck me that these were the things that I was looking at the previous day at the Warehouse. By looking at the way they worked at the Warehouse I was…

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