The Importance Of Organizational Communication

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Register to read the introduction… Organizational Behavior (OB) can be defined as the study of people and their behavior and application of knowledge within a workplace setting around other people and in groups. The science of OB interprets the various relationships within the social system in an effort to strengthen the relationships through the use of organizational objectives and human objectives.
In general, the behavior of individuals within an organization will depend upon the behavior and managerial style of the leadership of the workplace. This is because the management has a great impact on the culture and on the social environment of the organization (Robbins, & Judge,
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Before 1920, communication in small organizations was largely informal. As organizations increased in size, formal top-down communication became the main concern of organizational managers. Organizational communication in today’s organizations has not only become far more complex and varied but more important to overall organizational functioning and success. While research used to focus on understanding how organizational communication varied by organizational type and structure, the emphasis has increasingly turned to understanding how new communication technologies and capabilities can help bring about new and more effective organizational forms and processes (White, & Chapman,

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