The Importance Of Oppressed People In Modern Society

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Throughout time people have used writing as a form of communications in an attempt to talk about or shed light on serious issues. These issues range from the proper way to raise a child to how science can go horribly wrong, but one topic that I think most writers try to talk about the most frequent, because no one wants to talk about them outright, is the oppression of different people and cultures throughout time. This issue spans time and even in modern society no one wants to willingly talk about these different groups of people or cultures that are being held down or left behind. If you look at older stories such as Prometheus, Frankenstein, and even The Tempest, you can find a common ground of an oppressed people (or person) that can be seen as an underlying theme. For the purpose of this writing the term “oppressed people” is going to be used as a general …show more content…
These stories bring to the front of our mind the anger, sorrow, and joy of these people that we can never understand fully, but know we have at the minimum an idea of how they feel. One quote from Frankenstein helps to sum everything up ‘Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust” (Shelley 117), Why do we look down on these people that we put bellow us then with the same eyes we look away. These stories help us to understand not only the feelings these people have but also the evil of our choice to oppress them. It makes us reevaluate our decisions and morals for the betterment of these people so that we can not only see that what we are dong (or in some cases not doing) is morally evil in every sense of the word, but also it always us to feel the profound pain these people feel and the sorrow they have to be in their situations in life. This is why these stories have existed for so long and why they will exist tell the end of human

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