The Importance Of Opportunity In War

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Opportunity is when you gain chances to change something because of something that happens. In war people’s opportunity changes depending on what is happening during the time. Opportunity can change in many different ways and in many different scenarios. The types of opportunity can change throughout different wars like World War II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. These three different wars all had changes in opportunity and while some are the same there are ones that are different.

During World War II Social, Technological, and physical opportunities were affected. In WWII the Japanese air force bombed the Pearl Harbor, this led to America to not trust their Japanese citizens and to start putting them into internment camps. Nutsu H. was
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That’s what I learned when I came” (Web Activity).The social opportunity of Japanese people was affected because other citizens were not trusting them and they were being treated like animals and would be able to be killed at the guards discretion. Americans started to invent new things to help in the war like the Jeep. The Jeep was low to the ground so it wasn 't able to be seen easily and four wheel drive was used so the Jeep was able to be driven almost anywhere. (America: Story of Us paper). Because of the invention of the Jeep American technological opportunity was improved because things like the Jeep could be used to help with the war. American scientists invented a bomb called the atomic bomb that could inflict a lot of damage. The atomic bomb was equal to 15 kilotons of tnt and 80000 people were instantly killed at hiroshima and 40000 people killed at nagasaki with no one knowing what the after effects would be. (Video notes). Because the …show more content…
The USS Maddox was shot at by a Vietnamese torpedo while the ship was in international waters. The USS Maddox was shot at in the Gulf of Tonkin by the North Vietnamese. President Johnson made a resolution that made it so the President could do anything necessary like starting a draft and sending troops to stop and repel any attacks against the US. (Video Notes). Military opportunity was affected because there was nothing that the president couldn’t do with the military to try to stop attacks on the US so soldiers had to go to Vietnam and fight. There were people in the US who did not believe that the US should be involved in the war so they started protests and eventually split the country into two different factions. By 1968 the country was separated into two groups the Doves and the Havks. The Doves wanted to leave the Vietnam War and the Hawks who wanted to stay in the War. (1965-1968 The Draft, Protests, and Johnson’s Decision). The US had lost psychological opportunity when the country was split because neither side trusted the other and the country as a whole was weakened. The Pentagon papers was a series of papers that proved that the US had provoked the involvement of the US into the Vietnam war. “Pentagon papers revealed that the US may have

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