The Importance Of Opinions

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No matter what, someone somewhere seems to have an opinion with the need to voice it. Opinions are a tricky topic, although they may be intangible, people value them more than life itself. People automatically have an opinion whether it is “Whatever.”, or “My thoughts run along the lines of...” and so on and so forth. They can be told in many types of ways, they can be said as they want to help you with constructive criticism, or they can be unnecessary and no help whatsoever. Opinions are a needed thing and something cherished very much, but sometimes they can be cruel. People will lie about their thoughts towards you just for their entertainment, nevermind your sanity, they’re just looking for an amusing situation on their end.
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They get harsh and cruel and try to hurt people with their words. It’s terrible, they’ll be called out for bullying then state, “I was only speaking my opinion.” and let off the hook, only to turn around to speak harshly to someone else. I was told as a child that when someone was mean to you they liked you or was just unhappy with themselves. Now I realize how wrong both those accusations are. Parents, stop teaching your child that when someone is mean to them, they actually like them. They grow up and go for the atrocious significant others, thinking “He only hits me because he loves me.” or “She only calls me harsh things out of love.”, it is not love and never will be. People who bully others with their so called opinions are not always unhappy with themselves. Self loathe is no reason to be a jerk to others. I personally am not the most happiest with who I am as a person, but do you see me walking around calling people sluts or other offensive names then saying, “Well, so-and-so said that they slept around, so they are!” I don’t do that and you know why? Because unlike those who speak to others with such abhorrence “opinions”, I know what it’s like to be put down constantly, no one should be purposely put down over something they didn’t do or have no control over. Opinions are such tricky things to comprehend, you never know if they 're sarcastic, senere, or meant in a beneficial

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